Eye Magazine No. 95 Vol. 24




The enduring value of designed, graphic form is shown in all the very different feature articles in this issue of Eye, from the polished work of Atlas’s Astrid Stavro and Pablo Martín to the political posters of the late David King. In ‘Exposing the menace’, Rick Poynor points out the ‘almost musical’ relish with which King applied powerful form to urgent content.
This topic is also illuminated by the career of R. O. Blechman, notionally an illustrator, but also a graphic author who encapsulates ideas, stories and commercial messages in a way that is instantly recognisable. Blechman’s prolific output over the years has included animation, books, magazine covers and a regular poetry illustration for The New York Times Magazine, whose art director Matt Willey conducted this candid and funny interview.

Designer: Leo Field
Publisher: Eye Magazine Limited
Language: English
Size: 9.25 × 11.6" / 235 × 295 mm 
Pages: 116
Publication: 2018
Binding: Paperback