Iron Fists: Branding the 20th Century Totalitarian State




Written by the eminent designer and design historian Steven Heller,  Iron Fists focuses on graphic materials such as typefaces, logos, posters, advertisements, children’s books, flags, and medals. As Heller explains, Mussolini fancied himself an art director and the Nazis had a sophisticated graphic program, featuring Hitler as "logo," that is remarkably similar to modern corporate identity systems. Heller also explores the meaning of color systems (each dictatorship had a distinctive palette), the development of regime-specific typefaces, and even the slogans used to both rally and terrorize the populace. Delving into the history of once-innocent antecedents in heraldry, color symbolism, and sacred and secular symbols, he demonstrates how these elements were put to disturbingly effective use in selling the totalitarian message. Each copy is signed by Steven Heller.

Designer: Project Projects
Publisher: Phaidon
Language: English
Size: 11.4 × 9.9" / 290 × 250 mm 
Pages: 240
Publication: 2010
Binding: Paperback