Kunst op Kamers (Vintage)




Kunst op Kamers (‘Art in Rooms’) is an initiative that, ever since 1998, has been offering professional artists an unusual platform: a weekend spread over the whole of the village of De Rijp, north of Amsterdam. These biennial presentations are documented in a catalogue, with the book designer being one of the artists selected. The catalogue proper contains photographs of the artists and their studios, and was available during the weekend of the event. Afterwards it was expanded with a second volume containing an overview of the exhibits as they eventually materialized.

Designer: Irma Boom
Publisher: Stichting Kunst op Kamers, De Rijp
Language: Dutch
Size: 8 × 9.8" / 205 × 250 mm
Pages: 232 + 64
Publication: 2008
Binding: Two parts centre-stitched in cover with flaps