Otto Treumann: Graphic design in the Netherlands (Vintage)




One of the pioneering forces of modernism in European graphic design, Treumann could be heralded as a patron saint of functionality. His whole oeuvre from posters to his famous postage stamps is included in this comprehensive and creatively designed (by Irma Boom) retrospective. Texts include reprints of Treumann's typed letters to the Groene Amsterdammer' weekly, and to Hajo Rose. The dust jacket folds out into a Treumannesque poster on beautifully crafted paper.

Designer: Irma Boom
Editor: Kees Broos 
Publisher: 010 Publishers
Language: English
Size: 7.6 × 9.5" / 193 × 241 mm
Pages: 144
Publication: 2001
Binding: Paperback