Sandberg, Designer and Director of Stedelijk (Vintage)




As the title of the book suggests, the focus is on the second half of Willem Sandberg’s life. He was a late starter and produced the majority of his work in his late forties. Starting in 1945, when he became the director of the Stedelijk museum, until 1962, Sandberg designed almost all the printed matter for the museum (over 250 catalogues and 270 posters). Sandberg transformed the Stedelijk physically as well as conceptually, modernized its spaces, initiated construction of a new wing, expanded the collection and introduced many new ideas into the often stuffy world of museums. His objective was to make museums more accessible to a wider audience, and museum attendance in fact doubled during his time as director.

Designers: Jan van Toorn and Mart Rozenbeek
Author: Ad Petersen
Publisher: 010 Publishers
Language: English
Size: 8.5 × 10.6" / 216 × 269 mm
Pages: 190
Publication: 2004
Binding: Paperback