Swiss Poster Art 1941–1965 (Vintage)

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This first edition title contains a selection of 646 of the best posters from 1941-1965 with the Certificate of Honour of the Federal Department of the Interior of Switzerland. The poster is a bridge between art and the consumer product. It seeks to attract our attention and our sympathies in order to tell us something, to invite us to buy something, to visit a place, attend a cultural event or give alms to charity. The poster is the art gallery and the sample fair of the street, and thanks to the modern discipline of its size and its hanging sites in Switzerland is more than advertising — it is also an ornament, a spot of cheerful colour in the grey surroundings of everyday.

Designers: Friedrich Käser and Georges Fehrenbach
Publisher: Verlag der Visualis AG, Zürich
Language: English, German, and French
Size: 8.4 × 10.1" / 213 × 257 mm
Pages: 167
Publication: 1968
Binding: Hardcover