Bruno Munari: The Circle




Circle means perfection, cyclicity, superiority of the divinity, but also instability and movement. In nature soap bubbles are spherical and internal trees’ rings are circular; the legend tells that Giotto drew a perfect O, while perfection is tangible on Michelangelo’s “Tondo Doni” and Botticelli’s “Vergine col Bambino”. King Arthur’s knights were pairs around a round table, and nowadays people sit in circle to make a decision or watch a show. Bruno Munari selects and describes in this little, extraordinary encyclopedia, several uses of this fascinating and mysterious form, instable and hieratic at the same time.

Designer: Bruno Munari
Publisher: Corraini Edizioni
Language: English
6.3 × 6.2" / 156 × 156 mm 
Pages: 88
Publication: 2016
Binding: Paperback