This Means This, This Means That: A User's Guide to Semiotics

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Semiotics is the theory of signs, and reading signs is a part of everyday life: from road signs that point to a destination, to smoke that warns of fire, to the symbols buried within art and literature. Semiotic theory can, however, appear mysterious and impenetrable. This introductory book decodes that mystery using visual examples instead of abstract theory. 

Each short section begins with a single image or sign, accompanied by a question inviting us to interpret what we are seeing. Turning the page, we can compare our response with the theory behind the sign, and in this way, actively engage in creative thinking. 

Designers: Mark Holt/TwoSheds Design
Author: Sean Hall
Publisher: Laurence King
Language: English
Size: 10 × 7.3" / 260 × 185 mm
Pages: 192
Publication: 2012
Binding: Paperback