Visual Impact: Creative Dissent in the 21st Century

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This book provides an accessible and richly illustrated exploration of how art and design have driven major social and political change in the 21st century. It explores themes and issues such as popular uprisings (the Arab Spring, the London Riots), social activism (marriage equality), and environmental crises (Hurricane Katrina), as well as the recent Je Suis Charlie protests Global in outlook, and features exciting work from emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, China and the Middle East, as well as the US and Europe. Richly illustrated with over 400 images, this is a visual guide to the most influential and highly politicized imagery of the digital age. 

Author: Liz McQuiston
Designer: TwoPoints.Net/Studio Chehade
Publisher: Phaidon
Language: English
Size: 10.6 × 7" / 270 × 180 mm
Pages: 240
Publication: 2015
Binding: Paperback