News: November 01, 2017

New book. New York City Transit Authority: Objects


We’re excited to announce the official release of our newest title, New York City Transit Authority: Objects, featuring photographs by Brian Kelley. This catalogue of objects sourced and documented by Kelley is the first of its kind — presenting a previously uncollated archive of New York’s historic subway system through a unique array of over 400 artifacts.

“Kelley’s acquired objects tell a greater story of New York City’s past. For him, The NYCTA Project remains a photography experiment and self-funded hobby, archiving the culture of his home city. For the rest of us, it’s an intimate view of the city’s history, merging design and infrastructure over the past 150 years.”
— Eric Greene, Columbia University

Recent press includes:
It’s Nice That
The Verge
Fast Co. Design
Curbed New York

Objects is available to order from our website, or in-person from the Standards Manual book store.