1977 US Environmental Protection Agency Graphics Standard System

We’re thrilled to announce our fourth title, The EPA Graphic Standards System reissue. Designed in 1977 by Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Geismar, and Steff Geissbuhler, the manual details a customized system created to unify the federal program’s communications across hundreds of offices. This manual beautifully encapsulates the role design has played in advancing federal programs for public good.

This facsimile reprint will include every page of the original EPA Graphic Standards System, as well as a foreword by designer Tom Geismar, a historical essay by Christopher Bonanos, and 48 photographs from the EPA-commissioned Documerica project. Each copy will be protected in a custom made slipcase, built from recycled board and blind embossed with the EPA logo.

The book is currently being available on Kickstarter and will start shipping October 2017.

About Standards Manual

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