Back Office 2 Graphic Design And Digital Practices

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Back Office is an annual review, encompassing graphic design and digital activities. It explores the creative processes at work in the diverse fields of contemporary media and digital practices. Issue 2 deals with the fundamental notions of indexation, sorting, and representation of digital data. The computer as a principle upon which to base the organization of the world appears in the very long history of memory media: writings, maps, indexes, websites, journals, databases, online archives, blockchains, etc., all of which constitute so many attempts at inscribing the complexity of the real. With contributions by, among others, Joost Grootens, Roberto Gimeno, Benoît Böhnke, Peter Hall and Jean Lassègue.

Publisher: Editions B42
Language: English and French
Size: 7.4 x 11" / 190 × 280 mm 
Pages: 144
Publication: 2018 
Binding: Paperback