Lance Wyman: Process. A proposal for the 1976 USA Bicentennial identity

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This book is a near facsimile of the one-off, leather-bound ‘sketchbook’ (shown left) that Lance Wyman made to catalogue his design process for the creation of a logo and graphic identity for the 1976 USA Bicentennial celebrations to mark the creation of the USA as an independent republic.

It’s a record of the creative process that Wyman went through to arrive at a refined and workable solution. It’s rare for designers to reveal so much of their inner workings, and even rarer for it to be documented with this degree of thoroughness. But Lance Wyman is no ordinary designer.

The work was done in Mexico in 1970 – Wyman had gone there to design the graphics for the Mexico 68 Olympics. But in 1971 he returned to the USA, and to a design scene that was markedly different from the one he had left. For a start, he had acquired a stellar reputation.

Designer: Spin
Publisher: Unit Editions
Language: English
Size: 8.3 x 11" / 210 x 280 mm
Pages: 176
Publication: 2018 
Binding: Perfect bound.