Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design

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Sometimes designed objects reject their users: a computer mouse that doesn't work for left-handed people, or a touchscreen payment system that only works for people who have 20/20 vision. Something as simple as color choices can render a product unusable for millions. In Mismatch, Kat Holmes describes how design can lead to exclusion, and how design can also remedy exclusion. Inclusive design methods—designing objects with rather than for excluded users—can create elegant solutions that work well and benefit all.

Designing for inclusion is not a feel-good sideline; it is a source of innovation and growth, and an opportunity for more people to contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Author: Kat Holmes
Publisher: MIT Press
Language: English
Size: 5.4 × 8" / 137 × 203 mm
Pages: 176
Publication: 2018
Binding: Hardcover