Old Flags




Based in Switzerland, Optimo is a type foundry that designs and publishes premium typefaces, which are engineered to the highest standards and offer graphic designers and type-users long-lasting tools with a distinctive identity. NEXT is a typeface designed by Ludovic Balland. Following a commission to create a new visual identity for the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Balland developed this groundbreaking font project with a design that confronts two typographic archetypes: constructivism and humanism. Designed at the intersection of this historical antagonism, NEXT challenges the two genres and offers a visionary aesthetic. 

Designer: Brian Roettinger
Publisher: Optimo Type Foundry
Language: English
Size: 6 × 8.5" / 152.46 × 215.9 mm
Pages: 120
Publication: 2019 
Binding: Elastic